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5 Steps to Staying Fit and Healthy through the Holidays

December 23, 2020

So many of us have historically looked forward to the enjoyment and fun that the holidays bring: social gatherings, travel, shopping, and baking. However this year, our traditional celebrations have been dashed due to the Covid-19.

Feelings of isolation and fear have increased our overall sense of anxiety and depression, which has wreaked havoc on both our physical as well as our emotional health and wellness. 


As a coach, my clients often feel an increase and stress and anxiety through the holidays, however, this year has been particularly challenging. How we have coped in the past is being tested and therefore, it requires us all to come up with new strategies to manage our stress and connect to our deeper sense of inner peace and happiness.

It is possible.

Here are some strategies that will help you stay on track, and feel less stress and more peace, even during these uncertain times.

1. Switch Up Your Exercise Routine 

If you find yourself saying “I just don’t have the time” for a workout, or you are not able to access your gym due to the pandemic, try increasing the intensity of your workout while shortening the duration. Instead of an hour with the weights or hitting the cardio equipment at the gym, add a brisk 15-30 walk to your day. Try doing intervals: walk faster for 30 seconds followed by 1 min at a slow pace, and then 30 seconds brisk walk again for the allotted duration. It’s the stimulus of a workout that prevents the body from storing fat, so keep training throughout the holiday to prevent unwanted weight gain. You can walk or march anywhere- make the commitment to keep moving- even allotting 15 to 30 minutes a day will be a game-changer.

2. Eat Smaller Meals More Often and Be Sure To Eat Protein

The key to feeling healthy and energized is fueling your body with healthy foods at regular intervals with foods that keep your system working synergistically. Strive to eat something every 3-4 hours and be sure to eat protein with every meal. 

Protein boosts metabolism and increases fat burning while it uses energy/calories to digest longer and utilize the nutrients. Excellent sources of protein are chicken breast, turkey breast, white fish, and even protein powders. 

Studies show that the quickest way to weight gain is infrequent meals and massive calorie dumping at night, which trigger your smart machine to go into “starvation mode” and store fat due to the uncertainty of when that next meal might be.  

Taking the steps to uplevel your self-care at this time is crucial and the benefits will be huge!

3. Let Go and Laugh More

Yes, let go. Let go of unrealistic expectations you have for yourself and others. During the pandemic, so many of us have had no choice but to let go of old traditions like hosting parties and overdoing holiday preparations. This is a great time to re-frame what is truly important in our lives. Make the commitment at this moment to cut yourself some slack as you reassess what traditions no longer brings you pleasure.  

What makes you laugh? What brings you joy? Create a list of activities, movies or people that make you feel good. You deserve to feel more joy. Take the steps necessary by adding things into your day that lift your spirits and bring you peace.

4. Hydrate 

It can be hard to remember to hydrate during the winter months as you don’t always notice your thirst when it’s chilly outside. But keeping your system flushed will improve energy levels, muscles, and joints, cardiovascular health, skin, etc. Aim for 8- 8oz glasses of water a day. Your body will thank you.

5. Be Kind to Yourself

With all the uncertainty we are experiencing right now, it is important to ensure that we establish some form of meditation practice to bring greater peace into our day. Even just 5 minutes of sitting still and breathing deeply will boost your immune system and make you feel as though you are able to cope with the added stress of the holidays and the health and financial crisis many of us are experiencing.

In fact, now is a wonderful time to start a daily gratitude practice. Each morning, start by setting intentions for your day, and then at the end of the day, write down what you are grateful for. By doing this simple practice has the magic ability to increase your joy in life and create a deeper sense of peace. And during this particular holiday season, we all could use more of that.

Want to create a gratitude practice that will stick? Check out my latest book “5-Minute Gratitude Practice For Greater Peace and Prosperity” now available on Amazon.


Sending Joy and Peace to you all during this Holiday Season!

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Kate McKay, known as the Master Motivator, is a multi-million dollar business owner, international best-selling author, TV personality, transformational speaker, strategic business consultant, and lifestyle coach.

 Kate has just released her latest book: The Gratitude Journal- A 5 Minute Practice to Bring More Peace and Prosperity into Your Life. “Having a gratitude practice is a crucial element in managing the stress and strain that exists in our world right now,” Kate proclaims.

Kate loves her work and is clear on her purpose, and it shows! 

To learn more about Kate, please visit her website at kate-mckay.com.

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