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Kate McKay, a Certified High-Performance Coach and founder and CEO of Kate McKay LLC, has seen too many powerful, high-level performers flounder for want of feedback and direction. Her work involves coaching others to give them, and those who rely on them, the best chance of succeeding. She counts CEOs, business owners, and aspiring leaders among her list of clients.

Kate has developed her own method over the years that she coins the CPI Methodology. Her methodology focuses specifically on three high performing habits, which have been scientifically proven to exponentially produce positive and measurable results for her clients.

The three high-performing habits that McKay focuses on are:

Clarity: assist clients in gaining immediate, behavioral-driven clarity and intentionality in their personal and professional lives.

Productivity: assist clients in being immediately more effective and productive every day with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

Influence: assist clients in being immediately more influential in their relationships and their careers.

From Mediocre To Masterful

McKay adds, “High-Performance Coaching (HPC) is a science-backed, research-based system. Research from 37,000 HPC sessions, conducted in 173 countries, demonstrates the effectiveness of the approach.

My job is to help people go from good to great. It’s a holistic approach that encompasses not just physical but mental, emotional, and spiritual work.

I go very deep but I always want to evoke a sense of joy. There is a well-known phenomenon called the Peter Principle which can be summed up as, ‘The higher you go, the less you know.’

As you ascend the ranks, your subordinates are unlikely, or unable, to offer genuine feedback for fear of reprisal or being sacked. Therefore, unhelpful behaviors can emerge that go unchallenged.”

Clarity, Is Foundational. It’s The Idea Of Centering Yourself And Determining That You Are Here For A Greater Reason.

Kate McKay

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Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Not sure of next steps in your life? Kate will listen, and partner with you to create the dream life you desire. Relationship problems, scarcity mentality, feeling unworthy? Kate is there to help you WIN.

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Your mind will follow where your body goes. As part of her high-performance coaching, Kate will guide you to push through resistance and fear, come up with strategies that work for you, and LIVE in the body you deserve.

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Take your wealth building to the next level. Kate built a multi-million dollar company and now coaches others to achieve higher performance in their personal and professional life.

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