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Want to Increase Your Confidence? Check these easy-to-apply tips!

September 14, 2021


Want to Increase Your Confidence?

Well, I did it! 5 crazy weeks of show prep and I came into my latest bikini competition better than I ever could have imagined.

I came in 2nd in masters 50 plus and 4th in masters 40 plus and I’m super pleased with the results.

And… we got swords for trophies, how cool is that??

I attribute my success to 3 things:

  1. I spent a lot of time focusing on mindset and how I wanted to look and feel the day of the show. I wrote it out, meditated on it and even it felt weird, envisioned the day going great. And it did!

  2. I hired a coach. Every great coach knows to bring in an expert to help with focus because through the dieting and training process it’s really hard to remain objective when the monkey mind comes into play.

  3. Even though I had a lot of things going on in my life with developing some exciting new products, (see the latest below!), I kept to a TO DO LIST and stayed focused with my eyes on the prize.

Trust me, this wasn’t always the case!

And this is exactly why I am so excited to offer this free webinar that will be held on September 15th titled:

How to release self-sabotage and {Re}Discover what turns you on!

Road-tripping with my daughter Sophie to the competition

Road-tripping with my daughter Sophie to the competition

This topic of self-sabotage has great importance to me as a person who lived much of my younger years in a perpetual state of undermining my own success.

What would your life be like if you fully embrace your inner confidence? What if there was a way to quiet the voice inside of you that whispers I am not good enough? I am too old? I don’t have the right credentials… (you can fill in the blank).

Even the most successful people in the world experience self-doubt and negative thinking. We are human! The difference between them and the rest of us is that they have strategies that they apply daily that allows them to push through their inner resistance and self-sabotage to achieve more of what they truly desire.

What is that for you?

What do you want more of?

Fame? Fortune? Love? Peace? Joy?

For one of my clients, it was her desire to quit her job that she hated and come up with a plan to grow the business she had been dreaming about.

For another, it was his desire to have his personal life align with his massive business success.

You see, each of us has a unique gift that we are here to create, apply and reach for.

Unfortunately, so many people have driven only so far and PARKED. Please don’t let that be you.

I know it was me and I needed to get so disturbed by my lack of life fulfillment that I had to take radical action and make some profound changes to put my car in drive and LIVE INTO MY PURPOSE.

Was it easy?

Heck no.

But I am here to tell you that if this girl with mucho challenges and losses that I have had in my life can do it, then I believe that you can do it too.


WhatsApp Image 2021-09-10 at 9.38.12 AM.jpeg


What will you need?

Faith and what is not yet seen.

Desire to want more and…

A willingness to do what it takes.

And that is exactly why I am offering a FREE WEBINAR titled:

How to Release Self Sabotage and Re(Discover) What Turns You On!

The webinar will be held Wednesday, September 15 at 2pm est/ 11am pst.

There are limited spaces and I am offering this to YOU first as you are one of my most valued people.

Please join me. You will not regret a moment, I promise!

We will be many actionable tools that my clients have used to change their lives around so that they are unrecognizable.


Sign up here and see you September 15th!

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