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Breaking Free from Sweet Addiction: My Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

June 14, 2023

Sugar has always been my thing. Similar to other addictive habits, I have used sugar as a reward system for when I finish something- a project, a competition, a meal. It always felt that no meal was complete without a sweet finish?

How about you? Have you used sweets as a reward too?

In fact, sweets are what I crave most and what has motivated me for years when I am competing in a bikini competition. While others fantasized about pizza, a burger, a glass of wine- for me it was always about ice cream (vanilla is my favorite, with caramel sauce!), candy, cake and the sweeter the better!

Interesting fact: What I have discovered over the last year is that the real junky sweets (candy corn and jelly beans anyone? 😉) just didn’t taste as good.

And getting more educated about what sugar actually does to the body made me realize that it was important now as I approach 60, to commit to a new level of health- not only for myself, but also for the people I am here to serve!

Now I am by no means on a no sugar fanatic, I am far from judicious on what I choose to consume. And I definitely feel better- no more headaches or belly aches from eating too much of the crazy-addictive white stuff!


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Here are a few tips for reducing your sugar habit:

1. Find another healthier reward that tastes good but not as detrimental; dark chocolate, a sugar free cookie, or my go-to-sugar free cool whip on a chocolate rice cake- yum!


2. Have a cup of fruity herbal tea– my latest favorite is chamomile honey from Celestial Seasonings.


3. Switch out your after-meal activity where you usually find yourself eating your sweet treat. On your phone or in front of the tv? By taking a walk around the block or going to another room and switching up your environment really helps when you are changing a habit that has become automatic.


Have a great week and please remember; you have greatness within you!

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