Kate McKay

Your Dream Matters

April 4, 2022

Was I dreaming?

I swear I remember hearing you tell me at one point about some dream you had… Did you?

The amazing thing about being a coach is that I am always listening to people’s dreams- that yearning that comes through in their words, their tone of voice, and even what they are not saying.

It’s kind of a wild and crazy super-power!

In fact, if you and I ever had a conversation I can almost guarantee that I am holding a dream for you. 😊

I remember when my dear friend Kathy was diagnosed with cancer and was giving a valiant effort to do all she could to LIVE, I asked her one day while we sipped tea: “Kath, am I still holding that dream for you that you are going to South America to help the people there with their eye care so that you can save peoples vision and help those that don’t have the resources to get the care they need?” Her response was a resolute “Yes!”

And you better believe I held that dream for her through her dying day and still continue to carry that dream and passion for my dear friend through the donation I make through Doctors Without Borders. Because her dream matters, darn it. She mattered.

And so does yours.

Who is holding your dreams alive? And even more importantly, do you even know what your dreams are?

Most people will spend hours on their phone or watching Netflix looking at someone else living out their dreams and spend ZERO time dreaming of their own.

Does that sound like you?

If so, I am here to help.

I have opportunities to offer you so you can start taking action to live more fully into the life you know your heart desires. New programs coming soon!


I want to hold that dream for you. And if necessary, nudge, cajole and humor you to its fruition. It is my life’s passion; it is my DREAM and I am speaking it into you.


Your time is now. Don’t let your dreams die within you. The world needs what you have to give.


I am here cheering you on…


High-Performance Coach

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