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What Gets in the Way of Exercising Our Freedom?

October 17, 2022

October has been whizzing along, hasn’t it?

I was back in St Pete for a few days after Vegas last weekend and then headed over to Miami for a boot camp mastermind with Cody Kerns (@kodykerns5) and a roomful of amazing people doing incredible things. I was blown away by the generosity of this group in sharing their knowledge, business success (and failures), and lifestyle hacks. Great stuff. It’s always pretty overwhelming after an event to process all you learned and this one was actually on another level.

Motivational Monday Video

So, today for our Motivational Monday I wanted to touch on the topic of freedom, our greatest human desire– freedom of expression, time freedom, financial freedom, and even spiritual freedom. We all desire the ability to choose and actualize that choice into reality.

What gets in the way of us exercising our freedom?

Social oppression from external forces and fear from within. As a coach, I work a lot with what gets in my clients’ way of being able to fully express who they are and manifesting what they truly want in the world because of three predominate pains or fears:

  • pain of outcome– all the effort won’t be worth it

  • fear of process– the effort will be too hard

  • fear of loss– that we will lose something or someone if we act on our desires

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We may rail against outside forces, seeking freedom and even demanding it, yet we hold ourselves as prisoners under our own oppression.

What does it take to live truly free?

  1. Identify your fears.

  2. Consider the validity of the fear.

  3. Release what does not serve you.

  4. Take small actions every day to move through your fears. This builds courage and competency- the magic duo behind any progress in our lives.

Everyone experiences fear- it’s a part of the human condition. The question is whether you are allowing fear to rob you of your true freedom or are you using it as fuel to gain a greater quality of life with better relationships, health, work, and a sense of meaning?

We all have the power to choose. What will you choose today? I am cheering you on to live boldly. You deserve it and the world needs what you got. I promise.

Have a fantastic week and see you next week!



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