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Self-respect begins at the lips!

March 14, 2022

Where are you ready to win today? I am here cheering you on!

Last week, we talked about how so much of making changes in our lives begins in the way we nourish ourselves. And to be honest, this is way more than just the way we eat. It also is how we feed our hearts, mind, and souls. And the body is a MASSIVE component of self-care in my coaching practice, and I believe it starts with how we apply these principles in our own lives.

Grab a copy of my Clean Eats Playbook here.

In the Clean Eats playbook, we dig into really cool information about micronutrients and macronutrients and steps you can take to feel more vital, sexy, and clear on your best future vision for yourself by learning the basics of a solid nutrition plan.

As many of you may know, I have competed in bikini competitions for the last 15 years so weight training and eating well has always been my thing.

I have transformed my own body by eating the Clean Eats Plan and how the rest of my life shifted when I took on this practice is still a MIRACLE to me!

Follow my journey to my next competition her on Instagram: @iamkatemckay

I would never have achieved the level of success I have had in my personal and professional life if I did not fully embrace my own sense of worthiness and lived my life of self-respect and self-love by practicing this through how I nourished my body.

It’s a GAMECHANGER and I am committed to supporting you through the process!

Until then, a couple quick tips:

1. Track your water. Commit to a minimum of 64 oz of H20 a day!

2. Track your protein- try to get a good quality source of protein in every meal. (FYI, peanut butter, nuts, and cheese are not primarily a protein, but a fat! Check out the eBook for a list and recipes)

3. Start noticing how you are talking to yourself, particularly when it comes to your self-image. You deserve loving kindness. Start to give this to yourself and just watch how your life changes…. ❤️

Keep being YOU! The world needs you!

To your success!


High-Performance Coach

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