Kate McKay


March 28, 2022

Can I let you in on a secret? 😊

The secret formula that I use with all my clients to help them achieve the life that they not alone deserve, but desire?

The mind-bending concept that sets you free to live bigger, to love deeper, to laugh harder?

Now lean in with me on this one…

What if…

What if, for example, we could look at the whole concept of even “working out” in an entirely new way? 🏋️‍♂️

I mean, let’s be honest here.

Even the phrase “working out” doesn’t even sound fun, does it? Not at all!

OK, so what if we reframe, re-language even this whole concept – how about substituting the word “working” for “playing” so the phrase becomes “PLAYING-OUT”?

What if the actual SECRET SAUCE to getting fit, developing a new business, creating amazing relationships starts with what lies within us and how we PERCEIVE our own limitations?

What if all it took was to re-calibrate your thinking to start seeing what you resist as the lock that only your wants and desire can open?

What if YOU are the MAGIC? ❤️

What if….???

Because I think you are.

And I also not only THINK but KNOW that if you have read this far, there is a part of you that believes it too. ❤️

Because when we are talking about your fit and sexy self, the fastest way to celebrate your AMAZINGNESS is to COMMIT to a form of movement that brings you closer to ways in which you can love on yourself and your body.

To put it simply: what are you committed to in this moment that will make you feel like you are coming alive? That brings out your sense of PLAY?

No one can decide this for you. I personally LOVE to lift weights. I mean LOVE IT! Why? Because it calms my crazy monkey- mind-self right down.

To me, the gym is like a sanctuary. Also, over all the years of being a self-professed “gym rat,” I know there is NOTHING that sculpts a hot physique like weight training. And now at the age of 50 something, I have seen the results over and over again with both clients and friends who adopt the weight training lifestyle. 🏋️‍♀️


  • Stronger bones

  • Shapely muscles

  • Greater flexibility

  • Better blood flow

  • Increased endorphins

  • Stronger ligaments and tendons

  • Way more energy and feelings of vitality

What about you? What do you really enjoy doing? You’ve got to know what turns you on in the movement department, because if you don’t, the TV, your phone, and a box of Girl Scout Cookies are going to be way more appealing.

The bottom line is this: If you don’t get to the “why” of what is in your way of living with greater vitality and health, no diet, trainer, or exercise plan is going to work. Notta’ one because Coach Kate wants you to know that:

YOU are the center of your amazing life.

YOU hold the secret.


How amazing is that?

Want to learn more about how to apply this SECRET SAUCE?

Stay tuned next week for the Masterclass!

Until next time, make TODAY your BEST DAY yet!


High-Performance Coach

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