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How to Resolve TOLERATIONS and Unleash Our INNER HOTTIES

February 21, 2022

Today I am going to talk about how to handle difficult circumstances in our lives with a really great tool that I am excited to share, but first I want to talk about my FITNESS LIFE because it’s a subject I am passionate about.

People ask me fitness, health, and wellness questions all the time. How awesome, right? I love to share my knowledge with others as I truly believe that claiming our own health is fundamental to living a richer, more productive, and meaningful life.

This is the one vessel we are riding through in this life and I believe that it is imperative that we honor what is amazing and unique about each one of us- YES, YOU!

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And as I am no longer a Personal Trainer or Health Coach by trade due to the demands of my High-Performance Coaching Practice, I do understand that many assume I am a trainer because… well, I am fit! Haha!

As a High-Performance Coach, my focus is on helping people increase their clarity, energy, productivity, and a sustained level of fulfillment in their lives. I do believe there is a direct tie into success mindset and athletic mindset.  Focus, willingness to grow, to move past limited thinking, to embrace our highest and best self, intention, and goal setting- all key places for us to lean into to LIVE OUR BEST LIFE!


Let’s now circle back to a super important personal development topic: how to RESOLVE TOLERATIONS so we can unleash our INNER HOTTIES (and we all have an inner hottie- yup including you!).

TOLERATIONS: anything that gets in the way of us living in true alignment with who we are and who we came here to be.

INNER HOTTIE: the part of us that deeply knows we deserve what we desire and are here to share this unique and amazing part of us to the world because we know we came here to make a difference.

Where we are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed is often a BIG CLUE as to where we can uncover the person, places, or things that get in our way to living in true alignment.

Are you ready to take action?

 Great, here we go:

Here is the link to the TOLERATIONS WORKSHEET. Please go to the link and print it out or grab a pen and paper and write out your list and start chipping away daily on the things on the list.

 I promise you: you will experience a change in your life that will blow you away. Click on the link and get busy: TOLERATIONS WORKSHEET

 Your magnificent life awaits!


More on tolerations and embracing your inner hottie next week. YOU are going to LOVE it.

To your success!


High-Performance Coach

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