Kate McKay

How are you viewing your future?

December 11, 2021

How are you viewing your future? Are you hopeful? Hesitant?

There have been times in my life, particularly over the last four years where I no longer had a deep sense of meaning and even though I was going through the motions and continuing my success journey, I was confused about what in my future excited me and made me feel as though I was coming alive.

Then a couple months ago, on Will’s anniversary date actually, I realized that I wanted to live! And I don’t mean in any way that I ever felt suicidal, I never did. It’s just that I couldn’t imagine what could be more intense, incredible, and life-changing than birthing and releasing a child.

So, what I realized was that I was here to help and support people who want more joy more fulfillment and a deeper sense of meaning in their lives. And what a wonderful way to add massive value to others by embracing my own desire to have greater impact and influence on others.

It was time for me to play a bigger game, to reach higher, and put myself out there in a way that was bigger and bolder than any other way that I have ever lived.

For me, this picture represents this new pathway. Way wiser, way less tolerant of BS, and way more open to love, prosperity and partnerships and community connections than I ever have in my life.

Courage is certainly about taking risk, but even more so courage is about playing it real, and opening your heart and your mind to your greatest potential.

Where is courage showing up in your life?

Where are the places that you want more courage, to live with greater authenticity, and to embrace your higher potential?

And who in your life is there to support you as you lean in?

It’s your time. I’m here cheering you on! 🙌👏👊

To your success!

Kate McKay


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