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May 23, 2022

It happened again on Friday. A client came to our coaching session completely stressed out and in a state of overwhelm.

After listening for a few minutes to the blow-by-blow of their latest struggle, I paused and then asked gently, “So, have you been keeping up with your journaling?”

Subsequent silence from client… Then a sigh and a chuckle. 😉

This practice is so crucial for my work with clients, that I send them a journal when we start working together. Many of my clients have said that this practice has been the biggest game-changer for them as far as experiencing greater clarity and productivity.

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“Why is journaling so darn important, Kate?”

Study after study has shown that the act of writing down on a daily basis what is going on in your mind has a direct correlation with experiencing:

  • less stress

  • better relationships

  • greater productivity

  • higher income and

  • healthier habits

How could that be, you may wonder…

Because what these studies have shown is that the act of slowing down and writing out your thoughts, allows you to process your emotions and expand your self-awareness, which provides a wonderful new perspective and magically can shift your state of mind from grumpy and anxious to joyful and grateful.

Studies also have shown that journaling can be as effective as therapy to relieve anxiety and stress and to experience greater clarity and happiness in your daily life.

So who doesn’t want that? 😀

The biggest challenge I have heard about journaling?

To start, many of us are overwhelmed by a blank sheet of paper. I mean, how many of you have blank journals that you bought with high aspirations that you were going to fill out the pages, but they just sit in a pile without the binding cracked?

I know I certainly bought my fair share!

To your amazing success,


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