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Get REAL, Get RADICAL, How to Unleash Your BEST Self!

July 23, 2021

I have had an absolute blast on my VAGABOND journey! After spending several weeks in Baja, I visited Maui for a week (gorgeous!) before hitting the US of A and decided to park my wagon for a bit in beautiful Durango, Colorado.

I have decided to put my feet up for a bit here and get busy on some exciting new products I came creating that was a bit more challenging to do out of my suitcase.

A few quick things I have come to embrace:

  1. We need way less stuff than we think… like WAY less!

  2. A good pillow in life is key

  3. You sleep better in the great outdoors

  4. Freedom is a choice we make daily.

  5. Our life is up for our own definition. The scary part is really listening to what your heart desires.

Needless to say, life is an adventure, and despite the bumps, bobs and weaves, I am definitely enjoying the ride.


In my most recent newsletter and blog posts, I have focused on the importance of Clean Eats (Check out the Clean Eats Playbook on Amazon for more great content on this subject and how taking extreme self-care begins at the lips. 🙂

You just can’t exercise your way out of a poor diet. I know it is a paradigm shift for many in our quick fix culture, but truly your healthiest body begins right in your kitchen.

What I want to focus on today is how important it is to start our transformation on the INTERNAL shift that is required for us to embrace our INNER HOTTIE and live our most VITAL and SEXY life.

You deserve it!

Are you ready to take some RADICAL ACTION?

First, I want to say that I completely get how our inner self-perception wreaks havoc on our sizzle. I’ve been there and so have the hundreds of clients I have worked with as a BREAKTHROUGH COACH (Book a call here to learn more about how I can support you in living your best life!) but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.

You are WAY BIGGER than your negative self-talk.

So let’s get busy, get REAL, and get RADICAL to unleash YOUR BEST SELF that is soooo ready to be revealed.

Can you feel it?

So where do we start?

Let’s talk about the ultimate dream dasher of all dream dashers: RESISTANCE.

Why resistance?

Because resistance shows up often in the places where we need to have the greatest breakthrough.

What does resistance look like?

Overwhelm. Irritation. Anxiety. Self-doubt. Self-sabotage. Procrastination

Sounds familiar?

I know it sure does to me!

What resistance often stems from is experiences from our past that undermined our best self. We hear voices of others saying: You can’t do that. You are not smart enough. It’s too dangerous. You don’t have what it takes.

And so we stop dreaming, and then parts of us check out, go to sleep or run away so what is left is the places in us that run on automatic pilot, with minimal joy or inner peace fueling the ship.

And the crazy thing that I have found as a lifestyle and business coach is that our bodies store old memories like a bullet-proof vault, whether we remember these experiences consciously or not.

So what do we do to reclaim our authentic self?

How do we deal so we can live the breakthrough life we desire?

How to unleash our inner hottie just waiting to be re-born?

We TAKE ACTION: to release, to let go, and to then embrace that inner swagger. (you know you have it!) It’s time to live the life you truly WANT and, more importantly, DESERVE.


You are worth it!

By taking action to re-activate your dreams, you will soon have a life that is unrecognizable! (Trust me on this one. I am in awe of my client’s transformation every day.)

Let’s start by getting paper and pen ready and write down the answers to the following questions:

1. What do you really, really want, with a burning in your belly that you may even be embarrassed to say it out loud? Say it out loud now and put it down on paper. Say bye-bye to playing small!

What I want is….

2. What are you committed to? There’s a big difference between just being interested in something and being completely committed. Don’t do just “interested.” Do you want a good life or a great one? Do you want to be cool or smoking hot? Thought so. Write down what you’re committed to on your greatness journey.

I am committed to…

3. OK, so why are you committed? You have to know the WHY because from the WHY comes the motivation and the action. Remember this is YOUR “WHY,” not someone else’s! Go ahead and write it down! Don’t skip over this!

4. Are you ready to take immediate action to take your BEST SELF off the back burner of your life?

5. Why? Why are you ready to take your BEST SELF off the back burner and live a life all in?

Excellent job! This work is not easy but is so important in attaining the freedom that the Living SEXY FIT* LIFESTYLE provides. (Wow! Look at you with all that mojo!!)

Grab your copy of Living Sexy Fit here.

I look forward to hearing your success story. Please reach out to me at kate@kate-mckay.com or book a call with me.

I am here cheering you on. I know you can do it! And thank you for your support. My life is so great because people like you are in it. <3

With mucho love,

Kate McKay


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