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Five Habits That Will Change Your Future

May 9, 2022

Out of all the dozens of personal development tools that I use with my clients, the number one thing I most often circle back to is how to set and commit to daily habits. Habits are so crucial as our daily habits are what come to define our amazing future!

Establishing new habits is no easy task, I get it. As humans, we are creatures of habit, and not just our physical habits but our mental ones can limit our growth and prevent us from living into our full potential.

Here are the five habits that will change your life when you commit to them daily. Start with one and add a new one each week and watch your life transform!

  1. Journal Daily: Setting intentions on how you want to experience your day is game-changing. I created a journal that is available on Amazon. You can grab it here.

  2. Hydrate: Often what we think of as fatigue or hunger is just our brain needing water. Start the day with 8 oz upon waking up. I drink mine at room temperature because I find I can drink more. Bottoms up!

  3. Movement: 30 minutes a day is a great place to start. Change your state, change your life. Your body craves movement. Give it what it deserves. Watch your mood and energy lift.

  4. Meditate/Pray: Nothing centers me more than sitting in silence and centering on breath. I started meditating by setting the timer for 3 minutes! For real! This practice has allowed me to tap into a sense of peace that is truly life-altering.

  5. Reach out and touch someone.

What habits are you ready to establish? I would love to support you on this journey. Attached please find the habits worksheet which you can use as a template and please feel free to add your own!

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To your success!


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