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Feeling stuck? Here’s how to unlock your inner logjam

October 15, 2021

Resistance. We all experience it in some way….

Where are you experiencing it in your life?

These are some common areas I help my clients overcome:

  • Starting a project

  • Finishing a project

  • Looking for work that excites you

  • Having a conversation you don’t want to have

  • Eating better

  • Going to bed/getting up at a reasonable time

  • Getting back out in the dating world

  • Getting that workout in***

*** Psyched to share more strategies to get FIT AND LIVE WITH MORE CONFIDENCE BELOW.

. This list of how we face resistance appears endless and yet…SO ARE THE REWARDS OF GETTING IT DONE!

Because on the other side of the resistance, the voices in our head that say “I don’t feel like it, I will start tomorrow, I am afraid…

…is the ultimate TRUE PATHWAY to living the amazing life you not only desire, but deserve.


My client Deb knows this resistance and the power of leaning into it more than most. After losing her executive job during Covid, and dealing with the financial strain and family tension that came along with it, she came to me in a complete state of overwhelm.

And what did we do together to help her get through and find her new clarity and dare I say happiness?

We went back to square 1.

Well, what does that mean, Kate? That doesn’t seem very hopeful..

I promise you, it totally is!

Want to know how you too can get through your own resistance?

Let me offer you some quick tips you can apply today.

  1. Accept. Yup, accept that resistance is just part of the game. As much as we want to think our struggles are unique, if we can accept that everyone has challenges and that we are all rowing the same boat, we can relax a bit on the self-criticism that is getting in our way of living a fulfilling life.

  2. Cry, scream, rage. B*tch. And then it’s time to pull up your panties and get busy on creating a plan. Everyone has a right to have a pity party, however, I suggest you give it a limit- 5 minutes, an extra hour in bed, going to bed early, taking a power walk around the block. Get it all out so you can move on to the next step.

  3. Break out a journal. Write out what your dream day looks like. If you don’t know, make it up! Just keep writing, this is for your eyes only. Don’t know where to start? Writing about what YOU DONT want is a great place to start. Then you can turn that list into a POSITIVE.

  4. Create a Plan. Now that you have a better sense of what turns you on, create an action plan to get going. Pick 1-3 small things you can start incorporating into your day. And it doesn’t have to be some positive thing. It can be a small irritant that makes you cranky. Example: for me it was no longer tolerating dishes in the sink when I went to bed. As much as I hated finishing up that task, I felt great relief in the morning that the sink was empty. Sounds like a small thing? Remember: the small things become the big things in life.

  5. Want more tips and strategies around dealing with resistance and building more confidence? Stay tuned to my ALL NEW TRAINING Get Fit and Live With Confidence Even If You Lack Motivation launching later this month. You won’t want to miss it!

More soon and as always, I am deeply grateful for your support and connection. It means everything. 🙂

With LOVE always,

PS Please check out my podcast Survive to Thrive. Tons of new interviews dropping soon!

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