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Do You Find It Hard Asking for Help? Me too!

November 14, 2022

I hope this Monday finds you feeling motivated to meet this week with excitement!

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The last couple weeks were pretty topsy-turvy for me. Lots of great wins and also some real challenges. Being in the personal development space has so many rewards, yet, when I am experiences my own struggles, it requires extra effort to be in a great space for my clients, including more self-care, self-reflection and having a really supportive group of people around me that I can lean on for guidance and support.

Yet, as we evolve, often the people that we think will be there for us when and how we truly need them just don’t pan out.

Can you relate to this? Have you been in a situation when you reached out for help and the opposite happened- you felt actually worse not better?

The truth is this: as we grow, not everyone grows along with us. And sometimes we need to let people go that cannot hold us up as we deserve. We must release some relationships so that we can make way for the new people who are eager to love and support us just as we are.

And please, as you go through this life, keep asking for help. If one person doesn’t have the care you need, keep looking. Because that right person will show up just as you need them to- and be open to the idea that that perfect person may even be the cashier at the grocery store, because that’s who turned out to be my #1 angel last week! Ah, the sweet miracles of life!

Let’s keep our hearts open together and continue to rise and shine and bring the world all that we got. Be someone’s miracle today, and if you need support, please email me direct. I am here for you: kate@kate-mckay.com.

Have an awesome week and thank you for being YOU and traveling with me on this journey. I am deeply grateful.

With love and an open heart,


PS. Coming just in time for Thanksgiving! The Claim Your Inner Peace Journal

Give the gift of gratitude to the people you love in your life for the holidays! Stay tuned for details…

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