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Celebrate Your Best YOU

October 24, 2022

I don’t know about you, but I am super sensitive to negative energy. It’s wild because I have gotten even more sensitive to bad vibes the older I have gotten.

Can you relate?

And I’m wondering…

Do you have a lot of negative people around you?

Or maybe even it’s you who is feeling more negative than usual…

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And how the heck can we possibly stay upbeat when there is so much negative stuff in the world?

I get it. It’s super challenging to stay positive in a largely negative world. However, what I know for sure is that nothing opens the channels of healing and vitality more than an attitude of gratitude and positivity.

If you want amazing results in your life, bring your best energy. How will you act, stand, breathe, and move when you are living in a body, mind, and spirit that you desire? What will you be doing, who will you be with and how will you feel when you are celebrating that ultimate success?

“Where do I start, Kate?”

First, know that you are a unique person with unique gifts and talents. The best thing to do is to be YOU, not some cheap imitation of you.


What we may perceive as our weaknesses – those things we try to hide – only get in the way of our ability to shine full-on. This is especially true when it moves into a new experience in life.

Did I have what it took to build a multimillion-dollar precious metals business with no business degree? By all appearances, um, heck no!

But you better believe I made a commitment to walk and talk like I did until I was living it. And I did what it took to make it happen.

It’s not enough to fake it ’til you make it. You have to be willing to do the work and GRIND.

I believe you can do it too, even through your fear and insecurity. Because under that is your longing to do more, to want more. Do you feel that?

It starts with embracing the parts of you that you know are different, that are unique from others.

Celebrate Your Best YOU by Bringing Your Uniqueness to the World

It’s not always easy to define yourself and figure out what steps to take to be your best self. This is why I believe it is so important to work with a coach you trust to help you bring out YOU with a “pow!” A coach or mentor will help you channel and define what makes you unique. The results will bring greater success in all aspects of your life.

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Sometimes, that means being clear on where your strengths lie. Often, it is much more subtle, like understanding limitations such as getting out of your own way so your authenticity and uniqueness can shine.

It is my belief that we are all here for a divine assignment, something that is uniquely “you”. My question is, are you ready to embrace that part of you?

This is not necessarily the easiest process, but it is a crucial step in bringing the charismatic and confident YOU, front and center. Be kind to yourself in the process, and embrace the imperfect and evolving you. There is no dress rehearsal. Live all out each and every day like this is your final rodeo. You can never get this beautiful moment back.

This is the energy you can put forth throughout your day.

Share your enthusiasm with others. It’s contagious.

And remember, when you bump into people who have bad attitudes, please don’t let it affect you.

Understand often their grumpiness is their own issue and has nothing to do with you. Remain in your greatness. Be sure to share your hopes and dreams with those who will support you on your journey. And most importantly, enjoy the ride.

Celebrate your positivity. Attitude is everything. Confidence is sexy.

Tidbit: Daily micro-steps lead to your kick-butt life. Achieving your health and lifestyle goals is just adding small DAILY ACTIONS to your day- EVERY day. You can do this.

Have an amazing week!

Love always,


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