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January 10, 2022

Eureka! I have finally found the science behind, let’s just say, my unusual writing style.

For years I wrote a monthly column in my hometown newspaper. I loved it! Every month I was able to pontificate about my latest fascination under the auspices that the title of my column Living Well meant that I could write about whatever suited my fancy on any given day.

My creative process looks like this: With a writing deadline looming, I often spent a couple hours reading magazines and books for a subject that peaked my interest, then once I have my subject and talking points scribbled down on a piece of paper, I would do something completely unrelated to my article- I would head to the kitchen and get busy!  And I mean I would busy myself like a person gone mad! Healthy cookies, soups, meatballs, muffins. You name it, I baked it and cooked it. ☺️

Even if the deadline looms within hours, I always hit the kitchen and whip up batches of something or another. Then, when most people think I have downright lost my mind, I finally sit myself in front of the computer, right up against the clock, and whip out my article in an hour or less! It’s as though all the flurry in the kitchen puts the article right in perfect order- like magic!

And this is why, despite what others have thought of my rather strange writing process, which is still seemingly pretty random,  I was so excited that I actually have proof that there is a method to my creative madness.  

A recent research study out of the Netherlands found that a “time-delayed” exercise or creative activity session consolidates memories in the hippocampus.

The hippocampus, thought to be the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system is also the part of the brain that helps us learn most quickly and effectively.

Phew, and I thought I was just nuts! Ha! Little did I know that breaking up my activity like I have done for years actually boosted my creative power and can-do attitude. How cool is that?

Although this is one sure-fire way to increase our success quotient, there are several other ways we can all boost our brain power and live a more productive  life.

Here are five steps you can implement today to feel a greater sense of clarity and peace of mind:

  1. Exercise. Peter Snyder, Professor of Neurology at Brown University found in his research that starting an exercise program at any age will absolutely help brain health and mood elevation. Exercising 30 minutes, 3 times a week for six months leads to brain cell and neuron growth in the critical parts of the brain that are critically important for learning and memory. Plus, deep breathing helps release clouded reasoning and overwrought emotion. I see it with my clients on a daily basis.

  2. Add some Vitamin D. It’s that time of year where less sun hits many of our faces, causing  increased brain fog and seasonal depression for so many.  A recent Duke University showed that Vitamin D helps in the prevention of neuron loss that can cause cognitive decline and lower spirits. Time to add your Vitamin D supplement back into the mix. The recommended daily amount is 600 to 800 IU’s.

  3. Act more. Deliberate Less.  For many of us, mulling over a decision ad nauseum results in increased stress and anxiety as well as less quality sleep, even worsening eating habits. Create a new system of success by writing down your challenges with a short pros and cons list on each. Once you have confidence that the pros outweigh the cons, implement a plan to get moving to achieve your goal. Start immediately, taking one small step at a time. Success is taking forward steps every day to get the results you desire. Commit to your best YOU. Nothing will lift your spirits more than meeting a goal head-on, and attaining the results you desire.

  4. Apologize. If you were wrong on something, say so. Snapped at your child? Short with your partner? Take a brief moment, breathe, reset, and then apologize. Make it short and sweet and to the point. “I am sorry I snapped at you. I was feeling stressed about (fill in the blank), I didn’t mean to take it out on you.” 

    And please don’t stew on why you acted a certain way to justify your behavior. Being honest with yourself on what your true emotions are frees you from perpetuating bad habits of blame and deflecting negative emotions on others.  No one is a winner here, especially not YOU. You deserve more. Own what is yours, and then move on. It makes life so much easier and communication so much more pleasant for all parties involved when we communicate openly and honestly. Start today.

  5. Release Unhealthy Relationships. Are there some people in your life who you know deep inside are just not worthy of having as much time as you are giving them? It’s due time you lovingly let them go. Nothing dramatic or over-emotional here. Just let them know you are taking a break, need more space, or would like some more reflective time to figure out what you want from yourself and others. Sure, there may be pushback. But the clearer you are on why you need space from the person, the more resolve you will have to create healthy boundaries around you. It is truly one of the most loving things you can do for yourself. If this thought brings up even a sliver of joy, stay with it! You are on the right track.  A happier, less-stressed life awaits!

By being clear about our intentions in our lives, we will experience an almost immediate lift, as our spirits begin to lighten.  You are worthy of having less stress and more clarity in your life. 

Begin with one loving gesture to yourself and others at a time.  And as the saying goes, “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!”

Enjoy your day!


High Performance Coach

Kate McKay, known as the Master Motivator, is a multi-million-dollar business owner, international best-selling author, TV personality, transformational speaker, strategic business consultant, and lifestyle coach.

Kate loves her work and is clear on her purpose, and it shows! 

To learn more about Kate, please visit her website at kate-mckay.com


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