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5 Tips to Meet Your Best Self

September 12, 2022

Another week and another day to begin again! For some, that means we are coming into the day ready to rip it up, and for others, and I would say for a majority of us, the only thing that is getting us out of bed is the thought of our morning joe and our cell phone pinging. 

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Can you relate?

I know I can! And so can many of my clients and people in my expanding community.


What I discovered was that if I didn’t rest and recharge over the weekend, if I didn’t hydrate and refuel my body, mind, and spirit, I was coming into Monday morning like a snail dragging across the finish line. Like real sloooowwwww….

When we look at the science, what we can discover is that the way we feel in this moment is a compound result of the last 72 hours.

That’s right. The last 72 hours!

So the nachos platter and vino we had on Friday night, or the late-night Netflix binge-watch Saturday night all come to greet us on Monday morning. Well, helloooo!!!

And to be honest, when I read that I said to myself, well that SUCKS. I mean, honestly, why can’t I just kick back and enjoy life like everyone else because well, heck, I DESERVE IT!

And what I came to realize is this: THAT I DESERVE TO FEEL AMAZING MONDAY MORNING and EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK because if I am clear on my purpose to help others live into their greatness, then heck, I need to pull up my big girl panties and reset my head.

Does this resonate with you at all?

If you are ready to reset your MINDSET too, then let me share with you 5 tips to meet your best self, not just every morning, but every day of the week because, gosh darn it, YOU DESERVE IT TOO!

1. Go to bed and get up at roughly the same time every day and shoot for 7-8 hours nightly. Sure, you may have an occasional late night or early flight- life happens, but commit to a 90% routine on your sleep habits. SLEEP IS THE NEW SEXY. Embrace it.

2. Minimize caffeine after 2 pm. Are you one of those people that can have a double espresso after dinner? You may think it is not affecting you, but the latest studies show that whether you are aware of it or not, sleep is disrupted by caffeine, and that means you too. Go for the decaf. Your re-charged brain will thank you

3. Minimize the Booze. I read somewhere lately that said someday alcohol is going to be viewed the same way we look at smoking cigarettes. Totally passe.  Now, I am not sure about that, but what I do believe is that we have normalized alcohol consumption way too much in our society. And yes, beer is alcohol. (The things I hear as a Coach- keep my conversations lively for sure!) Not only does alcohol disrupt sleep, but it also lowers inhibitions. Nothing blows our solid nutrition plans more than a night of drinking and eating the wrong foods. Hello, Monday morning…. Zzzzzz….  Check-in with yourself. You know the truth about this one. Need help? Ask for it. There are some amazing professionals out there ready to offer you support.

4. Hydrate. Get your water in, at least 64 ounces. Your body, brain, and tissues will thank you. We are walking fish tanks- made up of 60-70% water. Keep your tank full to make your mornings buoyant. 

5. Be grateful and face the grind. Today is a gift. This moment is a gift. Nothing will make you appreciate it more than when you no longer have it. After my son Will passed away, grief knocked me down, but do you know what else it did? It made me freaking grateful. For everything. Every person. Every experience. Every THING.

We are given this day. This miraculous day. Don’t waste it. Don’t squander it. Savor it. And GRIND. Because your amazing life doesn’t become amazing without effort. Put in the effort, even and especially when you don’t feel like it. Your greatness- your finest days- are on the other side of your resistance.


It’s your choice. Be like the snail and SLOG. Or be your highest and best self and SOAR.


I see you soaring, Beautiful. Make this day just as beautiful.


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