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4 Step Strategy on How to Deal with Negative Vibes

April 12, 2022

Negative energy getting you down?

I know the feeling!

What I found was that the more immersed I become in personal development, I noticed I became way less tolerant of being around negative energy. It’s just didn’t feel good!

What I want to share with you is my four-step strategy and how you can create a safe space around you so that you can continue to thrive and remain a positive outlook, even when you have negative situations and/or people around you.

Here is my 4-step strategy you can start applying today:

1. Be super clear on how you want to show up in the world. Every morning, I set my intention of how I want to live into the day ahead. I use the one-word mantra, for example, peaceful or energetic or joyful or even productive, and live into that word in everything that I do. And how this practice has changed up how I move through my day. This is a practice I teach to my clients with great results. Try it out!

2. Decide to hold a higher energy even when you have to go to places and deal with people who aren’t in a positive space. Making a determination that you won’t let other people’s negative energy bring you down takes serious resolve, but it makes a big difference if you stay committed to your highest and best self. Your positive energy matters so stay committed to your highest and best self and watch the people around shift and maybe even rise to your vibe.

3. Bring the Love. I know this isn’t always easy, especially when there are many experiences in our lives that don’t feel at all loving, but if you consciously decide to bring love to all situations, you will immediately notice how much more present and peaceful you feel. Lead with love and serve with humility. These two qualities really do change the world.

4. Allow yourself ample time in your day to reset. Creating a process of moving from one activity to another and being intentional through your transitions is a game-changer and helps keep the peace and positive flow in your life. Think of every time you walk through a doorway as an opportunity to reset yourself and use your breath to refresh your spirit. Stretch and shake off any negative tension in your body as you move from one activity to another. The power of intention really does work, especially in times of transition throughout your day.

Take an active role in how you want to experience your day and the effect you would like to have on others. Just watch how your clarity, energy, and productivity increases in your day.

Grateful for you, my friend! To your success!


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