Kate McKay

Yeah, YOU! Embrace Your Creative Genius!

March 27, 2019

When I was growing up, and even well into adulthood, I never, ever would define myself as creative. Creative people were those who could paint or draw. Those lucky ones that could make something out of clay, make a masterpiece out of a bucket of art supplies. Sadly, all I created was a hot mess! How embarrassed I remembered feeling! 

March 27, 2019.jpg

Even after attending Performing Arts High School, where I studied and excelled in Theater, I still didn’t think I was creative, just dramatic, like my personality. 

The light bulb finally went off for me when I realized finally that I was my own type of creative genius while in the midst of developing a multi-million dollar business as a stay at home mom of three kids in my 40’s. 

What I discovered was this: while everyone around me was asking me if I was crazy, taking what they viewed as a huge financial risk, I saw their fear and phobia as only background noise.  

Why? Because I knew in my heart that what I was “creating” was way bigger than me, and I trusted in my gut that I was onto developing my own personal masterpiece: financial freedom and empowering others to follow their dreams.  

So the truth is that creativity comes in a multitude of forms. You can use a paintbrush, the written word, a musical instrument, even sculpting your body with exercise. Or what I discovered that worked for me personally, my own creative (and some may view as wacky) way of thinking to get the job done, and build a business based on my authentic values, while doing what I love. 

And three years later, with a whole lot of sweat and lots of excitement and sleepless nights, I could revel in the satisfaction that I had built a multi-million dollar company from the ground up, never taking a business class- my own personal masterpiece! Now that was something to be proud of! 

In order to define your own brilliance, let’s highlight the key elements of creativity and how you can apply them to all areas of your life. You deserve the same sense of satisfaction: sometimes we all just need a little boost into the right direction.

  1. Original Thinking: where in your life do you say or do things and people look at you sideways and ask you where you came up with that? This is a big clue! What others may seem as weird or bizarre is often the gateway to where you rock-and-roll. Take heed and pay close attention to where you seem to beat to a different drum. This is most likely an area where your creative genius lies. 

  2. Inventive: Are there certain things that you say or do that you know is unique and different? What do you remember creating as a child that you were proud of? Write them down!  Also another great way to inspire your creativity is to make a list of things you have always dreamed of developing, no matter how strange or out of the norm they may seem. Review this list with a friend or coach and see what items you are ready to bring to life. 

  3. Vision: Have you had a time in your life when you have an idea or a vision of something and just couldn’t stop thinking about? You think about this cool concept so much you can’t sleep, and perhaps can’t help but talk about it to anyone who will listen?   This, my dear, is creativity in action. Continue to explore this cool idea or project. I promise you will not regret it! 

  4. Be a “Rule Bender”: Yup, creativity is often born when you break from the general convention because you have thought up something way cooler than what everyone else is willing to accept. This is often the hardest element of creativity for women to apply because we spend so much time trying to please everyone, meanwhile stifling our own creativity. It’s time for you to let your hair down and live the inspired life you deserve. 

By embracing these creative elements and connecting into what is authentic for you, you will experience a greater sense of passion and joy in all areas of your life. There is only one YOU. The world awaits your unique gifts as you born to share it!