Testimonials from Kate's Clients


How does Kate help her Clients?

"I have learned I am worth so much more than what I ever thought, my confidence has soared in business and because of that my business is excelling! I’ve learned to become more organized and get my thoughts down and planned out not just wishing for anymore."

"Confidence, consciousness, clarity, optimism, courage, results!  I feel hopeful and inspired every time I speak with Katie. She helps me to believe in myself."

"The ability to identify and leverage my core strengths, as well as prepare for key next steps as a social entrepreneur."

"Kate is one of the most optimistic and engaging people I have ever met and she has the ability to connect with people and infuse them with that sense of opportunity and possibility.  She calls it like she sees it without judgment and then moves you to the other side…she always leaves you leaning forward into your day, week, life, challenge or opportunity." 

"With Kate’s coaching, I have been able to identify and own the gifts that I bring to the world. This has allowed me to consider with confidence and excitement what I want to do in this next phase of my life and she is helping me develop a roadmap for getting there."

"One of the greatest things I’ve heard Kate say over and over again “NEVER PLAY or STAY SMALL!”

Everyday is a new day full of opportunities, despite life's setbacks. Persevere!"

How would you best describe Kate?

~Charismatic, passionate, loving, loyal

~Dynamic, authentic, genuine and determined

~Vivacious, honest and generous

~A very engaging and empowering leader

~Courageous, goal driven, action oriented, on fire, an optimist, unstoppable

Never Play Small. Play BIG or Go Home. You Deserve More!

"She is so passionate about helping others and that excitement she brings to her clients sets them up for success and a willingness to grow like no other!"

"Her clear, direct approach, her dynamic energy, and her razor sharp insight."

"She’s the real deal. She’s been through the balancing act of maintaining a career and embracing motherhood. She’s faced obstacles and overcome them by being true to herself and taking care of her mental and physical health. As I stood in front of all those same things, I was losing myself and my needs. She motivated me to prioritize my mental health and physical health in order to better take care of my family and in order to be better in my career."


"I want to be like Kate when I grow up!"

"By some divine intervention, Kate McKay has entered my life and in a very short time has guided me past years of self doubt, questioning my worth and ability, to a place of confidence, purpose and excitement for all the future holds for me."

START YOUR TRANSFORMATION TODAY! kate@kate-mckay.com or 978 387-7873