Kate McKay

Make Yourself Unstoppable in 2019!

December 21, 2018


Another year is coming to a close—a great time to reassess the last year and consider what you want to take with you as you move forward into the new year. And also, maybe even more importantly, deciding what you plan to leave behind in 2018.

Does looking back on the past year look and feel like the one before, and maybe even the same as the year before that? If the answer is in the affirmative, perhaps now to change things up to let 2019 be the best year yet.

Because if the bottomline is this: if your life is pretty much status quo, it probably means you have stopped learning and growing in ways that excite and inspire you.

It’s easy to blame our lack of enthusiasm in our lives on our current circumstances, or the people in our lives who are seemingly in our way of achieving great things. Unfortunately, the truth is that the biggest hindrance in our path to happiness and success is our own stinkin’ thinkin’, as well as the habits and behaviors we have settled into that is making our lives feel stale and uninspired.

Yup, you are in charge of your own happiness. That’s right. You. I know. This news is not easy to swallow. But if these words ring true for you at all,  there is a way you too can change things up today to experience a richer and more fulfilling life.

As a coach, my job is to help people embrace this truth, find humor in the mess, and then assist them in coming up with a plan to shake things up and infuse more joy and excitement in their lives. And the first step is seeing things as they are- seeing us as we are, so we can move forward with honesty and excitement for the possibility of what has yet to come.

Following are some things to consider as you move into the new year. Perhaps you could find a few minutes in your day in the next week and brainstorm on the questions and suggestions below. You deserve to have an amazing life. Isn’t it time you set your priorities right so you can live an amazing  life that you have perhaps even been afraid to dream of? Trust me, you are not alone!

So, let’s start here and now:

  1. What do you want for your life? I mean really? What do you want? If there was no limit, what would your life look like? What are you doing? Who are you with? Where are you? Schedule a few minutes and daydream, even start writing unfiltered. What is your dream day like? For one client, its helping children with their eye care in Costa Rica. For another, its helping build sustainable cities. And for another, its to learn how to love her body following multiple surgeries. We all have a different story, different challenges, different dreams that have been imprinted in us. Please spend some time excavating yours.

  2. Set your priorities daily on attaining these goals. Want to build wealth? How much time are you actually spending in a day learning about money and finances? Desire to be fit and fabulous? How much time are you spending exercising and fueling your body with healthy foods? You would be amazed at how many people with big dreams spend zero time each day living into that dream! The answers are not in your cell phone or in a job or relationship that does not fulfill you. 

Be honest with yourself on how much time a day you spend avoiding what you really should be doing to achieve happiness and success. Need to be held accountable? Hire a coach or find a person that can hold you to the fire. This is your one beautiful life. Regret in not doing what you were called to do here is the most common lament from people who are at the end of their life. Please don’t let your dreams die with you. The world needs what you have! I promise!

  1. Get up earlier. The early bird really does get the worm. Getting this accomplished while others slumber really does shift your perspective on life. I have made it a habit to get up at least an hour earlier from when I have to be out the door so that I have time to do the daily habits that set my day up to win, including meditation, inspirational reading, journaling and setting goals and intentions for the day. It has been a game changer. Are you willing to try it and see how this works for you? Let me know how it goes!

  2. Get enough sleep. The ideal amount for the average person is between 7-9 hours.  And as my daughter Sophie, so aptly states, “Getting enough sleep literally solves every problem you didn’t even know you had.” That pretty much sums it up!

  3. Drink more water. Fatigue, anxiety and irritability can often be  cured by ensuring that you are well hydrated throughout the day. The winter is a tricky time for dehydration because we are not as aware of its effects, especially the elderly population. Water also flushes toxins and provides you with healthier skin and clearer thinking. And who doesn’t want that? So please, glug glug away!

  4. Move. Move more. Move often. Move alot. Move when you can.  Move! Activate your ideas, your inspiration, through movement. Great thoughts come to mind through exercise, and darkest thoughts will often lift with fresh air and a fresh perspective. Our mothers were right- fresh air is truly a cure all for the many things that ail us! 

It’s one of my greatest joys of my day to see the moods of my clients shift and lift through movement and honest and open communication with another. Tony Robbins had it right with the statement “Action is the most important key to any success.” I couldn’t agree more. Moving your body is a wonderful way to celebrate life and tap into the brilliance that is uniquely yours. Make each day a day of action. I am here cheering you on.

It is possible for you to experience a life filled with peak experiences and fulfillment. Even with life’s challenges, and I have certainly experienced my share, we can still feel really good about where we are at in life, even in the midst of chaos. Because the truth is this: we are all in charge of our own reality- our perception of our life from within looking out. I claim my joy, my enthusiasm, and my success. My hope is that you all join me by claiming yours as well. 

Here’s to all of us having our most fulfilling and satisfying year yet! 

(Would love your feedback!)