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Help! How Can I Have a Fitter & More Joy-filled Holiday Season?

December 15, 2019

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Along comes the holidays and our schedules begin to fill with obligations, and let’s be real, increased stress. All this talk of the New Year’s Resolutions make you break out in a sweat? For the majority of us, this is definitely the case!

That is why right now, in this moment, is the perfect time to revisit and recommit to one thing that will keep you healthy, fit and way more peaceful: Clear goals and gratitude.

The biggest myth out there is that we are supposed to do it all: the cooking, the baking, the wrapping and the caroling and look flawless while we are at it. And why is it that we so readily say ‘yes’ to other’s requests and demands and as a result a big “no” scream to our own inner gut, derailing our commitment to put our own self-care and health on hold?

It’s time to kiss goodbye the tie-in between our own sense of worth and what others think. Set yourself free by saying yes to self-love and your fitness and well-being goals and a big “see-ya” to the self-judgment that serves you “NOT”!

Here’s how:

1. Recommit

You want to be fit and feel a greater sense of happiness, you know you do. You have said yes to this goal before. Revisit your original fitness and well being goals (i.e. Exercise 30 minutes a day, eating better for greater vitality and energy, meditate, commit to making your relationships more honest and open). Re-commit or re-frame the goals so you can go at them with a loving vengeance. Commit to you. You are totally worth it.

2. Set Clear Boundaries

Practice smiling and saying “no thank you” in front of the mirror, increasing each time you say it with more determination and commitment. Now try it on co-workers, your kids, your spouse. Trust me, it get easier the more you practice it.

Now, say “Yes!” And repeat out loud your “YES!” to your commitment to your health, wellbeing and peace of mind. Practice makes perfect. Fall in love with that you in the mirror.

Saying NO is an artform. When you are saying no, you are also saying yes to something else. Know what that is, and embrace the more positive, happy and affirming version of YOU.

3. Practice Gratitude

Appreciating what you have that is truly good in your life, even on the yuckiest of days, resets you to a greater sense of self-acceptance and joy. Expressions of gratitude both for your life and also for the people that surround and support lays the groundwork to keep your health and wellbeing on track by staying in a mindset and heartset of possibility and appreciation.

Now that is something to celebrate!

Have a wonderful holiday season.



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