Kate McKay

50 Easy Ways to Spread Random Acts of Kindness and Increase Joy in Your Life

February 4, 2019

February 4, 2019.jpg

In our busy, go-go life, we often neglect to perform random acts of kindness to others because we just don’t know exactly what to do or say. It just feels awkward for many of us. The good news is that the more you perform random feel-goods, the easier it gets! 

Are you game to play?

Below please find a random list of ways we can all spread more goodness to others. What is most wonderful is that not only are you going to lift someone’s spirit greatly, but also these random acts of good deeds will infusion more joy and gratitude in your life as well.

Are you ready? Let’s have some fun!

  1. Ask someone if they want to borrow something upon detection of need

  2. Invite someone to join in

  3. Use your turn signal

  4. Wave at someone randomly with a big grin

  5. Tell others what others think of them. Be a sharer of good vibes.

  6. Wait up

  7. Return things you borrow

  8. Say hi first

  9. Respond promptly to invitations

  10. Say “yes please” and “thank you”

  11. Be sensitive 

  12. Share (bring extra, etc.)

  13. Forgive (more, always)

  14. Give a small gift for no reason

  15. If someone is struggling with a door, help them

  16. Affirm people, light them up, tell them you believe in them

  17. Listen

  18. Receive gracefully (and gratefully)

  19. Hold a hand, reach out and touch someone

  20. Say I love you

  21. Turn on the seat warmer for others

  22. Write a note snail-mail for no reason

  23. Offer things you no longer need anonymously (let it go)

  24. Call, just because…

  25. Acknowledge everyone more

  26. Let go of a grudge

  27. Pray /send metta to others

  28. Leave a bigger tip

  29. Pullover and let someone pass

  30. Buy the coffee for the person behind you

  31. Embrace a child

  32. Say “take your time” and mean it

  33. Tithe your time or your treasures where you are spiritually fed

  34. Go visit people at a nursery home, hospital.

  35. Pet someone’s dog

  36. Help out a struggling, stressed-out parent

  37. Tell someone you are proud of them

  38. Do someone’s laundry

  39. Return your shopping cart

  40. Offer a couple hours of your services to a friend or family member who is in overwhelm (basement or garage cleaning, organize paperwork, weed their yard

  41. Write a love note to your significant other

  42. Tell someone you admire them and why

  43. Strike up a random conversation with a stranger

  44. Really listen to a teenager. Be there without judgment

  45. Compliment someone on what they are wearing

  46. Bake cookies for a friend

  47. Visit a neighbor who lives alone

  48. Write an apology note to someone from your past 

  49. Tell someone what you love about them

  50. Be nice to yourself. Forgive yourself for not doing the right thing. When we know better, we do better.

Have a wonderful day!