Kate McKay

5 Components to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

September 22, 2019

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As a lifestyle and health strategist, I am often asked about how to be more fit and to lose weight. So many struggles with high levels of stress and anxiety, which results in poor lifestyle choices, exacerbating feelings of frustration—even depression.

Let’s review the five components to feel more vital and fit and talk about strategies we can take to live our best life starting today.

  1. Nutrition: The truth is we are what we eat. This expression can be a great thing…. or not unfortunately for so many of us. Increased stress and distraction makes creating a food plan challenging, but definitely not impossible. The most important thing is to come up with small habits that you can consistently implement every day. Starting with a protein in the morning, increasing your water consumption, eliminate late-night snacking- pick one area to change and do it consistently for the greatest success.

  2. Fitness: Find an exercise that lights you up. Not everyone loves yoga, biking or Zumba. Focus on an exercise you enjoyed as a child and implement some of that activity in your daily life. Even starting with 10 minutes is a great place to start.

  3. Stress Management: Adopt some form of stress reduction program to your day. Creating a nighttime ritual to get better sleep by reducing alcohol consumption, and screen time. Add some form of meditation to your day. There are some wonderful apps out there you can use to make the practice easy. Give yourself the gift of rest and relaxation. You deserve more peace in your day.

  4. Invest in healthy relationships: As the expression goes, we become the five relationships we spend the most time with. Choose carefully! Self-care means ensuring that your relationships are supportive and conducive to your living a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it is time to consider filtering out relationships that do not make you feel loved and supported. This may seem challenging at the beginning, however, it becomes easier as you become healthier. It’s your time.

  5. Practice Spirituality: Just as we can view being fit and healthy as active verbs, not just a noun, we can also view our spiritual life as an active practice. We are all evolving daily, whether we like it or not! Choose to positively grow to become a better person each day by living into the core values you believe in- love, respect, humility, kindness—it’s up to you to choose the qualities that inspire you to be the best person you came here to be. Adopting a practice of living your true value is what I believe living a spiritual life is all about. 

I would love to hear from you! Please reach out to me at kate-mckay.com and stay tuned for my new book to be released in the Fall- Unleash Your Inner Badass: How to Live a Life of Courage and Claim Your Personal Power. 


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