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As a single mom of three, bikini fitness competitor and business owner, I totally get that life’s challenges and being in a perpetual state of overwhelm can literally knock us to our knees. Trust ME! This stuff is REAL and it can weigh us down not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

When I think back to that certain time in my life, I can remember the feelings like it was yesterday, when my self-doubt and self-loathing had reached critical mass- my body no longer felt that it was mine and my spirits were crushed. What had happened to the old and energetic me??

I had spent my thirties happily giving birth and caring for babies – my number one priority then and now. However, I remember looking in the mirror one fateful day and I was completely unrecognizable to myself. And even more shocking, was the look in my eyes of utter defeat and desperation. At this point, I was so disturbed that taking immediate action became completely and absolutely non-negotiable.
Can you relate to this story?

Are you experiencing something similar as you look at yourself in the mirror? Are you experiencing this CRAZY incongruity of knowing that who is looking back at you, with the bulge and the bags is by NO WAY a true reflection of who you are?

Are you hungry enough, disturbed enough by that image to do what you have to do to release fear and self-loathing and all out EMBRACE that the inner superwoman is screaming to be re-born?

What I realized at my moment of crisis was that staying in this state was 100% no longer acceptable. I was so disturbed by how I felt and what I saw that I took IMMEDIATE and RADICAL action to get my fit and sexy self back, PRONTO!

Now I want to help you do the same! Find out how you can GET YOUR FIT AND SEXY SELF back in this ebook! (Also available as a CD below.)

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Living Sexy Fit CD

Are you an audio learner? Get my Living Sexy Fit ebook on CD!

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Living Sexy Rich eBook

Now, let’s just be honest, being rich is sexy. The allure, the array of choices, the security, the wardrobe, and the abundance that goes with having a bank account that flows asunder. Our culture is obsessed with celebrity lifestyles and fashion. We all want a piece of it, but so many of us feel we will never have it, that it is for “those” people, they were just lucky, are young thin and, well, rich!

I don’t know about you, but growing up in my family, being rich or even using the word was taboo… kind of like anything to do with…. sex. Somehow even saying that four letter word “rich” brought a hiss and a silence into the room.... Yikes!

But now, after much soul-searching and the use of a great coach and therapist, I can look back at the old me and chuckle, because what I know now is this:

I was put on this beautiful, abundant green earth to celebrate all aspects of me and surround myself with others who share the same philosophy of living a big and juicy life.

This includes the way I live and care for myself and my own financial wealth with others and also the way nurture my loving relationships around me. And let me tell you, this new way of being is HOT!

Are you ready to jump on board the sexy, saucy trian?

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Living Sexy Rich CD

For audio learners, Living Sexy Rich on CD!

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Secret Psychology Behind Wealth CD

Wealth - who doesn’t want it? Freedom of choices, less money stress, and most importantly, a greater peace of mind. Sign me up!

You see, being wealthy isn’t all about the money, as much as our society and the media glorify it to be. The actual definition of wealth - “a plentiful amount, rich or valuable content”, not only applies to the “green” stuff, the big ka-ching, but across all aspects of your life experiences.

When we talk of the psychology of wealth what we really are talking about is the study and the definition of our true wants and desires at our highest level and then creating an action plan to get there. So how do we get to that place, where we are living a balanced and joy-filled life, with less stress and more abundance? What is the secret sauce, the special code that unlocks our treasure trove to wealth and prosperity?

Are you ready to break the code? Let's Go!

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All 3 CD's

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Flash Coaching with Kate McKay

Need an extra boost to:

  • Define your passsion

  • Create an action plan to achieve your dream

  • Monetize your big idea for big profits

Includes two powerful sessions.

1st 50 minutes

2nd 50 minute follow up 2 weeks out

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